Our story

We bring you complete meals, inspired by Japanese culinary culture, freshly homemade with local vegetables from https://www.rechtstreex.nl/ enhancing with Japanese fermentation seasoning, dried umami foods, spices to make you feel like you traveled to Japan.

Since We have introduced Bento cuisine in Mexico from 2008 to 2021, We have found much food inspiration from our own experiences as Japanese and world  travels and we enjoy the fusion of local ingredients and our experiences. Enjoy!

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Just as a small tea ceremony room in Japan is called a ‘microcosm’, Japanese culture has the characteristic of being ‘compact’ to be enjoyed.

It can be said that BENTO is the Japanese culture itself. You not only enjoy the delicious tastes, but also enjoy looking at the colorful BENTO and enjoying the moment with your guests with our Bento is perfect for ‘gezellig’.

You will enjoy the “microcosm” of BENTO with your five senses.” The moment you eat your bento, the precious time to face your life.